At ACT, we strongly believe that parents are an integral part of each child’s treatment. Our therapists make every effort to keep the parents informed of their child’s treatment goals and progress. Communication notebooks, regular phone contact and teacher-parent-therapist conferences are all part of our integrated treatment approach.

When children receive therapy in the office, parents have an opportunity to have consistent contact with their child’s therapist and can discuss daily treatment objectives and goals. Children progress faster when there is follow-up at the home and appropriate review activities can be made available to parents.

ACT offers a variety of developmentally appropriate groups that encourage children to use their newly acquired skills in social situations. These groups are facilitated by professionals who ensure that all children use their language, motor and social skills to interact with their peers.

ACT provides parent friendly handouts and informational worksheets that assist parents in monitoring their children’s developmental milestones. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to your child’s therapist or to any of our professionals.