All Children’s Therapy (ACT) provides a range of services for preschool through school aged children. Services can be provided to children who have been approved for services by Nassau County school districts, the NYC Board of Education (CPSE and RSA) or through private payment. Our services include occupational, physical and speech/language therapy as well as counseling/play therapy and parent training. In addition, we offer numerous developmentally appropriate classes including dance movement therapy, socialization/educational groups, language stimulation and parent support groups.

Our mission at ACT is to maximize each child’s potential in every developmental area. Children learn best while playing and all therapeutic goals are achieved through play, educational, social and motor activities.

Services can be provided in our centrally located, state of the art facility, or at a child’s daycare, school or home. Our therapists are all NYS licensed and certified.

A sensory gym is available for all children who receive services in our office. While in the gym, children have the opportunity to practice fine and gross motor skills by swinging, climbing, jumping and maneuvering through obstacle courses.

Your child can benefit from our services if he/she :

  • Is very distractible
  • Has difficulty concentrating on an age appropriate task
  • Is over/under sensitive to movement/noise/textures
  • Has difficulty expressing themselves to peers or adults
  • Has unclear speech
  • Does not appear to comprehend directions or questions
  • Often needs information repeated
  • Does not interact appropriately with peers (very aggressive/too passive)
  • Falls or trips often (appears clumsy and/or uncoordinated)