All Children’s Therapy (ACT) provides a range of services for preschool through school aged children. Services can be provided to children who have been approved for services by Nassau County school districts, the NYC Board of Education (CPSE and RSA) or through private payment. Our services include occupational, physical and speech/language therapy as well as counseling/play therapy and parent training. In addition, we offer numerous developmentally appropriate classes including dance movement therapy, socialization/educational groups, language stimulation and parent support groups.


The staff at All Children’s Therapy (ACT) consists of N.Y.S. licensed professionals. All of our staff have been trained in pediatric therapy techniques. Our therapists are attuned to the needs of children and their families and make every effort to communicate with parents and family members on a regular basis.
Our staff consists or speech/language therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists as well as school psychologists and social workers.


At ACT, we strongly believe that parents are an integral part of each child’s treatment. Our therapists make every effort to keep the parents informed of their child’s treatment goals and progress. Communication notebooks, regular phone contact and teacher-parent-therapist conferences are all part of our integrated treatment approach.


All Children’s Therapy (ACT) provides speech/language therapy, physical and occupational therapy as well as play therapy and parent training services. These services can be provided at our office, in your child’s school or daycare or at your home. Services are provided according to the mandate on your child’s IEP. All services are provided by N.Y.S. licensed therapists.